Thanks to people who gave me insight to help me write

The Bonnie Neuk Tea Room: Friends and Uninvited



I have always read the acknowledgment pages of books, because I know that sometimes these people have played a vital role in the undertaking of its writing. For those who have never tried to put a book together, it is a monumental task. I have learned that each step of the way, which is why I need to thank so many.


Thank you to many people in Metuchen. The zoning officer Chris Cosenza for walking me through the process of obtaining zoning for construction of my tea room in Metuchen. He really put a light on the process. Tom Falcetto, in the County Health Department, who helped with the number of bathrooms and the health requirements for the Bonnie Neuk.


And the two secretaries at the township building in Metuchen Borough, Sharon and Jill, helped get messages and gave me suggestions for workings in the Borough. The Metuchen Chamber of Commerce was very informative and helpful throughout the process.


Ginny Schuler who proofread the pages as I wrote them. What a dear friend to encourage the starting of this novel, and she is the reason I have finished. She told me she was hooked. Wow, how could I not finish the book?


I used my own Vermont Teddy Bear to have an artist’s rendition of him for my book cover. I love my bear.


Denise Curcio, for being my sounding board when I needed one. …from menu plans to house plans to ghost visiting to holistic things in the book. She and I are spiritual friends who during the years have shared many out-of-the-ordinary experiences. We have gone to many mediums together.


Bonnie Neuk Tea Room 1932The New Jersey State Police Historian Division confirming the dates there was a Metuchen Police Barrack at my grandmother’s house (1927-1932). The barrack was closed in 1932 because of finances and the Depression. Shortly after that my grandmother opened her tea room.

Bobbie Schwartz, who owns the Wisteria Tea Room and Café in Ft Myers, Florida. She not only helped me with my menu, but she also showed me her kitchen and let me pick her brain for ideas.


In 2013, Critique Critter group was formed from my writing club, Gulf Coast Writers Association. We had four members. I want to say a special THANK YOU for reading and critiquing each chapter.


Deborah Keleman, who taught me to read tea leaves and tarot cards, at the Labyrinth in Fort Myers, Florida. It was a fun and interesting evening. Thanks. 


A special thanks to my dad, who if he hadn’t put the information in his genealogy book about my grandmother’s tea room, I never would have known about it and this book would not have been written. I know you have guided me along my road to writing.


I have dedicated this book to my grandmother, for without her tenacity and forthrightness, again, I won’t have written this book. 




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