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When one begins the task of chronologically remembering experiences by breathing life into plain words, it gives feelings to a circle of thoughts or meanings. This recalling is done with the hope that in a small way these words will create a sense of wonder and knowledge and aid in you the reader’s enlightenment on your path of wonder. It was through my research into many avenues of love, spirit guides, enlightenment, and psychic ability that I began to put together this story to show you the path I took. Perhaps it will help you recognize the path to take or at least to appreciate and consider it as viable and certainly possible. It is my belief that we don’t die, but leave our earthly bodies and exist on another plane. Whether it is a parallel plane or a heavenly plane is something I don’t know and guess at some point I will discover. I certainly believe in heaven and that God and Jesus will be there when we die. And, as I have read, many of our loved ones will greet us at the gates of Heaven and welcome us with love and light. I don’t fear death now.

We on earth can communicate with the dead. To me this is a fact. It is something I have known in my core for many years. Whether we do this via mediums, psychic assistance, spirit guides, dreams, Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP), or many other methods, we can and do communicate with the dead. Some may not recognize this method of communication as valid and pass it off as chance or a crazy whim but, to my being, it is real. I have had it happen too many times to be just chance. I hope it happens more often; in fact; it is my desire to nurture these thoughts and leave myself open for future communications. I feel this has been the path to the creation of this book and has led me to follow through with the research for its creation. It is a path I must follow without question. May you enjoy the story, learn from its lessons, and grow from its insights. Each of us has a reason to follow our calling on earth. Mine has been to write stories that have a linear point for each of you to follow and grow from it.

Each one of you has a calling, be it earthly, spiritual, or somewhere in between. Learn from one another, from mistakes, and grow—at all times…grow.

One of the books I have used as a reference had an acknowledgement, and I quote:
“To Connie, The very first angel I met on earth, who showed me how to catch the sun.”


My name is Connie, and I have had visions and feelings all my life.




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