Distributors for Tea


1. Rishi-Tea.com  teapot

I have spoken with them many times during the writing of this book. They were very helpful and had many suggestions for teas to use in the Bonnie Neuk. I found my Blueberry Rooibos Tea through them. They have amazing teas. Some examples are Yerba-mate, Chai tea and special reserves of the worlds best teas. It is shipped days after the harvest. Check out their website  
www.rishi-tea.com to order from them.     

2.  Zhitea.com 1-888-944-4832

Wholesale manager Jessica - email at wholesale@zhitea.com

3.  Adagio.com 

I have used their website to do research on teas for my book.  They sent me a very nice encouragement about my novel.

4.  Teavana.com  1-877-832-8262   

It is fun going into their shops and just trying many different teas. I used the one in Coconut Point Mall, Estero, FL. There is an entire area called the Tea Wall filled with at least a hundred types of tins of tea. You have to see it to believe it. They will mix anything you’d like right there in the store and let you taste it. I mentioned in my book that there was a store in the Menlo Park Mall, New Jersey.

5.  Teaforte.com   1-800-721-1149   

Their website is teaforte.com and for information try info@teaforte.com. I have used their website to broaden my knowledge of teas and its origin. I have ordered a great deal of tea through their website. In fact the tea infused martini that I served at the séance at the Bonnie Neuk Tea Room are from Tea forte. I had ordered several kinds and tried them all. The tea infusion for drinks are Lavender Citrus, Silkroad Chai, and Lemongrass Mint. I have also used their cucumber mint tea. They all are tasty and fun to prepare. It makes any hour a happy hour.

6.  Stash tea 

They have a great catalog for you to choose tea from.  You can order online at stashtea.com or call at 1-800-826-4218. They have both tea bags and loose teas. Tea for each chakra or hub of energy is associated with a particular element, area of the body and inner state.

I’m sure there are other websites for tea, but these are the ones I used to research teas and help with the writing of my novel.  I thank each one for your help and assistance on my road to learning about the planting, the harvest process and the drinking of tea itself.



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